Friday, May 4, 2007

Kantalyawaril Aushadhe...a Grand new beginning !!!

Baryach divasanni kantalyasobat vel ghalvayachi sandhi chalun ali ahe. Ani yogayogane he post 50ve ahe. Tyamule hya sandhiche sone karayache tharavun aaj amhi eka navin sadarache udghatan karit ahot.

Our previous posts were stressing majorly upon why and how one gets bored. And.....just as every problem has its solution, (Should we consider Boredom as a problem is another debatable issue , it will be addressed in due course) we are opening up a ray of hope for all those bored people. Afterall hope is what keeps us alive. this ray of hope is our new section called "Kantala Medicines" aka "Kantalyawaril Aushadhe".

As of now, not much has been explored on this topic. But just like a new developer likes to code a new Class instead of cleaning code from old classes.....we are going to develop and explore these kantala medicines in our own way.

This is just an introduction as to why we have decided to come up with this section. There is a very specific reason to it. When we started blogging for this topic, never did we know that this blog would actually free someone from boredom. But yes, as life is full of surprises, bang comes a comment from someone called "Manu" who googled for "mala kantala ala" to find our blog. He has not only complemented our blog but also has said that reading our blog did entertain him/her a bit and freed him/her from boredom.

So should we say that.... first medicine to kantala is keep reading our blog ;)

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