Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Kantala - As an English word !

As many of us know, English and many of Indian languages fall under category Indo-Aryan Languages as they have same origins.
Kantala is a marathi word but if you ponder just for a second you will find out that it's also an english word. If you dont understand, np [no problem, not NP as in NP complete problem], Kantalanand and Kantalmayee are here to explain you. But for that lets divert a little bit:
What is kantala? Though this is a zillion dollor question and one who knows the answer [besides both of us] will be an overlord for human beings, let me give you most straight forward answer of What is kantala?. Kantala is something like boredum, and you dont feel like doing anything and bingo you just had a kantala !
So now coming back, Try to see through the word Kantala: Kant - Ala, Cann't Ala....Meaning "Cann't comes" [Ala in marathi is comes in English] The feeling of you can not do anything, you just cannt whatever you want to - that particular Cann't has come ! Kant - ala.

So this is just a small example to show you that Kantala is an universal concept and it certainly cann't be overlooked. For so long Kantala has tolerated that ignoarance but now...somebody ahs to take the responsibilty and give Kantala its respect...
There are many who are freinds of Kantala...so are we.

|| Be Kantala's friend, it's nothing to be ashamed of ||

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ashish said...

ek atyanat bodhprad aani aashayghan kavita from urs truly

"ipl madhe jhala evdha motha ghotala
tyach tyach news vachun mala aala kantala
talavamadhe ubha aahe ek bagla
gappi mase pala hivtap tala"