Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Story of My Experiments with Kantala.

Now, I'm totally convinced, now I will never doubt importance and need of Kantala. The sky is clear now, it's very difficult to put this feeling in words. Lemme just give a simple example:
Just a day ago, I started registering my Kantalas in the Kantala nondwahi, and whoooo...that miracle happened, suddenly the number of kantalas I used to get are now less,. Today I got just 2 kantalas, on any given normal/abnormal day it would have been 20-25, not a single less than that.
This taught me one thing, dont run away from Kantala, love comes for reason, it doesnt have any personal motive in it, it's not like Kalee[Kalee as in KaleeYug]. Just acknowledge it and you will find yourself filled up with ustaah and's just a divine thing that your body and mind needs.

Kantalyapasoon palu naka, tyacha aadar kara, kantalyala kahehehe nakoy tuimchyakadoon. Tyacha kahehe swartha nahiye, to tumhala madat karayla yeto, tumcha gelela ustaah parat yava hee tyachee pan ichha aste...tumhi jevdhe tyala dooralkshit karaal tevdha to tumhala tyachya astitwachee janiv karoon deil...tumchyach bhalyasathee, jevdhe tyala nirdhokpane yevoo dyaal, to tumchaa ustaah, karyakshamata vadhvel.
Manus jase shauchas jane talu shakat nahee tasech kantala yene talu shakat nahee...pot sakaleech saaf zalyavar jasa divas prasanna jato tasach kantala yevoon gela kee prasanna jato poodhil vel.

Kantalyala havay fakt nishudhha prem...te dya, to tumhala deil prachand karyakshamta

Amhi amche kantalyabarobarche prayog anee anubhav aplyala satat sangat rahooch pan kharee garaj ahe te pratyekane swataha kantalyala anandane anee khulya manane kavtalnyachee !

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Manu said...

interesting blog! well, i was sitting in my lab, extreamely bored and wanting to get a break, so here's what I do...i went on google any simply typed 'mala kantala alay' in the search box. little did i know that there could be results for such bizzare querry as well. I'm glad there are!!. Ha blog wachun maza kantala tari nakkich gela. :) keep it up!!! atleast ata kantala ala tar kuthe jaycha he tari mala kalla. lolz